How to win in court self-help course

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How to win in court self-help course

Complete Case-Winning Course - Instant Online Access Now

 Preview Classes Below:

  • 2.5 Hour Audio Seminar (25 MP3s)
  • 5 Hours of Video Classes (53 Clips)
  • Easy Guide to Court Procedure
  • Procedure for ANY Kind of Case!
  • Legal Grounds to Sue or Be Sued
  • How to File Defenses with Teeth!
  • Sample Forms with Explanations
  • How to Write Effective Pleadings
  • How to File Motions & Be Heard
  • Default Judgments
  • How to Get Evidence Admitted
  • How to Compel Hidden Evidence
  • How to Make Effective Objections
  • How to Stop Wrongful Foreclosure
  • How to Win Family Court Battles
  • How to Use Stipulations
  • What Is and Is Not "Evidence"
  • Summary Judgment - For & Against
  • Trial Preparation & Procedure
  • How to File & Win Appeals
  • Free Online Legal Research Tool
  • How to Do Online Legal Research
  • Rules of Court Lookup Tool
  • How to Get Out & Stay Out of Jail
  • Legal Writing - How to Do It Right
  • Legal Reading - Finding Loopholes
  • How to Collect Money Judgments
  • How to Hire and Control Lawyers
  • Common Law Maxims that Control
  • Contract Law Essential Knowledge
  • The Fundamentals of Property Law
  • The Foundations of Legal Wisdom
  • Natural Law - How It Affects You!
  • Online Question & Answer Forum
  • Guide to Roberts Rules of Order
  • Criminal Trial of Jesus of Nazareth
  • Who We Are and Why This Course

             Complete Course - $249

#1 Online Law Course Since 1997

Our FREE Flowchart illustrates each step of court procedure ... step-by-step at-a-glance.


Everything in list at left included for one price. No hidden costs!

Easy step-by-step forms and simplified explanations

Know how to create doubt!

Knowledge is power. Empower yourself!

Know how to control the prosecutor.

Why we must stand up for The Rule of Law!

Know how to defend yourself in criminal court.

They tell the court who should win ... and why.

Know how to control the judge.